How I Boost My Productivity with Obsidian's Dynamic Plugins

    I run a small CPA firm. Boring, right? Perhaps not when you consider that success hinges on juggling projects and tasks, managing client relations, and meeting government-imposed deadlines.

    I have tried to use various task management apps, but most suffer from the same issue: they treat all tasks the same. This does not map to my reality. In my world, some projects are huge macro tasks made up of many smaller sub-tasks, and yet some reminders are very small microtasks. Some require nary a note, and others require volumes. I have built a system in Obsidian that helps me manage all of my tasks successfully.

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    Transforming Obsidian: Add Hidden Gems to Your Workflow with Seamless Customizations

    One of the most attractive things about Obsidian is its extensibility; Obsidian can be tailored to suit nearly every need. The creators have provided us with a playground for customization, allowing us to enhance our workflow by seamlessly integrating personalized features into Obsidian's interface. In this article, I will demonstrate how to add these features in a way that makes them appear as if they are an integral part of Obsidian.

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    Linode WordPress Bugfix

    I ran into a problem when setting up this blog. It took me hours to fix because I could not find a solution in the search engines. So, I thought I would document the problem here for the next poor guy (or gal!) who might stumble upon it.

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