Don't let people get away with being "fair"

Be very wary of people who use the word #fair. Fair is subjective, and everyone assigns it a different meaning. It is almost a certainty that the person using the word and the person hearing the word have defined it differently.

When leaders and politicians use the word ‘fair’, it is a cheat because it always generates a pleasant idea in the listener’s mind without requiring any specific commitment on the speaker’s part.

When you hear someone use the word fair, you should perceive the ambiguity and ask for details: “What EXACTLY do you mean when you say fair?”

Visited #BrookgreenGardens tonight with my wife. My favorite person at one of our favorite places!

Me and my wife. A sculpture of Pegasus towers behind us.Outdoor sculpture of lion and cub at Brookgreen Gardens.Lights and Spanish moss hang from a towering oak.A sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens of two moose fighting.Lit paper lanterns and Spanish moss hang from a huge oak tree.

My wife is experimenting with new recipes! #kneadedblessings #bread #sourdough

I love this time of year!

A large yellow Black-eyes Susan bloom on a blurred grassy background.

I am excited to move my blog to!

How I Boost My Productivity with Obsidian's Dynamic Plugins

I run a small CPA firm. Boring, right? Perhaps not when you consider that success hinges on juggling projects and tasks, managing client relations, and meeting government-imposed deadlines.

I have tried to use various task management apps, but most suffer from the same issue: they treat all tasks the same. This does not map to my reality. In my world, some projects are huge macro tasks made up of many smaller sub-tasks, and yet some reminders are very small microtasks. Some require nary a note, and others require volumes. I have built a system in Obsidian that helps me manage all of my tasks successfully.

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Logo tests

When I was building this site, I used AI to help design its logo. I went through lots of iterations before finding just the right one. Here are some highlights:

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Transforming Obsidian: Add Hidden Gems to Your Workflow with Seamless Customizations

One of the most attractive things about Obsidian is its extensibility; Obsidian can be tailored to suit nearly every need. The creators have provided us with a playground for customization, allowing us to enhance our workflow by seamlessly integrating personalized features into Obsidian's interface. In this article, I will demonstrate how to add these features in a way that makes them appear as if they are an integral part of Obsidian.

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My rusting chains
enslave me.

i am beaten
with the rigors
of life.

i am auctioned
on the block.

An ode to
gold and silver
is my dirge.

No one pays
the Price on
my head.

There is only
one end-
i am nothing
to be used
and tossed away.

The Son offers his shoulder.

i dig a
tomb in my
Hope’s dark fuse
lies cold
and buried.

Why have i
turned from Him?

The Master is not my master-but he pays the Price!
His heart is pierced because he knows my sin-
He sealed my ransom with sanguine scarlet.

My head tucks in Shoulder’s hollow, spent from my struggle.

Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, my true Master,
paid my ransom and more, royal blood for a peasant’s life.
Pure love, a king’s life for my own!
All my stripes worn by Him.

All to Him I owe.

This article was previously published at Medium on July 31, 2019.