Don't let people get away with being "fair"

    Be very wary of people who use the word #fair. Fair is subjective, and everyone assigns it a different meaning. It is almost a certainty that the person using the word and the person hearing the word have defined it differently.

    When leaders and politicians use the word ‘fair’, it is a cheat because it always generates a pleasant idea in the listener’s mind without requiring any specific commitment on the speaker’s part.

    When you hear someone use the word fair, you should perceive the ambiguity and ask for details: “What EXACTLY do you mean when you say fair?”

    Visited #BrookgreenGardens tonight with my wife. My favorite person at one of our favorite places!

    Me and my wife. A sculpture of Pegasus towers behind us.Outdoor sculpture of lion and cub at Brookgreen Gardens.Lights and Spanish moss hang from a towering oak.A sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens of two moose fighting.Lit paper lanterns and Spanish moss hang from a huge oak tree.

    My wife is experimenting with new recipes! #kneadedblessings #bread #sourdough

    I love this time of year!

    A large yellow Black-eyes Susan bloom on a blurred grassy background.

    I am excited to move my blog to Micro.blog!